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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you eat the World's Largest Gummy Bears!™ ?

At over 1,000 times the size of a regular gummy bear this big beauty can be challenging to eat. World's Largest Gummy Bears!™ comes wrapped in a food safe bag which will help your gummy stay fresh.
Here are some ways we like to eat our World's Largest Gummy Bears!™:

  • Cool it in the fridge then cut fine slices with a knife (kids, get your parents to help).
    This is a great way to enjoy your gummy piece-by-piece and make it last.
  • Serve it as hors d'ouevres at a party.
    • (Use a knife to cut into cubes for a delicious conversation piece. )
  • Warm it up in the sun and have a stretch tug-of-war with a friend.

How good does it taste?

Oh, it's GOOD! Our family recipe and careful craftsmanship results in gummy bears that are full of delicious flavor. When you open the bag the aroma of the bear fills the room. We use only the best ingredients to make sure every ounce  is  good to eat.

Do we sell wholesale?

Yes. We are always interested in talking with store owners.  Please call or email to talk with us about the details.

Allergen statement.

Some ingredients are produced in a facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts, soy, wheat and milk products.

Shipping Policy

How long will it take to process my order?
While we strive to process all of our orders as quickly as possible, please allow us 24-48 hours to fully process your order.
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Will I receive a tracking number with my order?
Yes, an email will be sent out to the email address provided on your order with your tracking number once your order is complete.
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Do you ship your products internationally?
We do ship internationally with both FedEx and the US Postal Service. The recipient is responsible for all duties and taxes upon receipt of the package.
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Can I pay for my order with an e-check on Paypal?
We do accept e-checks through Paypal and your order will be sent out once the e-check clears. The time it takes for an e-check to clear is typically 3-5 business days.
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How long will it take for me to receive my order once it has shipped?
While we offer a variety of shipping methods to meet your needs, the normal shipping time in the US is usually 1-5 business days depending on the order's final destination. All orders are shipped from our facility in Raleigh, North Carolina.
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Are there any items not eligible for USPS Flat-rate shipping?
Yes, some of our product's packaging is too large to fit in the "flat rate" boxes. These items include:

World's Largest Box of Sour Gummy Worms
World's Largest Box of Nerds
World's Largest Box of Laffy Taffy
World's Largest Sweet-Tarts
Giant Box of Gobstoppers
Giant 1lb Sugar Daddy Pop

Products that are not eligible for flat rate shipping are also identified in their product description.
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